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Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 09:34
truark's picture

The cursor simply doesn't behave like it should. I've tried turning on and off all the Clojure -> Editor preferences available, but nothing seems to correct the behavior. For example, on OS X when I press cmd + shift + right arrow, it should highlight everything right of the cursor to the end of the line. In this editor it does not. What it highlights is a mystery. Sometimes it highlights everything between quotes. Sometimes it highlights everything between parens, sometimes involving many, many lines of code. Other times it'll highlight a few words on a single line. Extremely poor behavior.

My code editor should behave just like the rest of the OS for consistency's sake. If somebody wants to turn on language specific editing options that should be available as a preference, but not the default behavior that cannot be turned off at all.

There also seem to be several bugs related to setting of preferences. I found several preferences that did not apply until I completely restarted the IDE. Others seemed to work by applying or saving the preference changes.

There is also some extremely poor behavior in regards to simply opening projects. The tutorial says to drag and drop your lein projects onto the editor to open. However you must drop them specifically on the package explorer or navigator view. And it seems to be very flakey. It often won't allow me to open more than one lein project at a time. Other times it has no problem doing so.

Dragging and dropping to open projects also presents a serious usability issue in that sometimes we have so many projects open there is no space to drag a new project into the IDE. In these cases you wind up adding the project to whatever already open project your mouse lands on, which is extremely incorrect.

I'm giving up on this one and looking for other IDE's for my Clojure projects.