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This is a great plugin. Really useful.

I was wondering how I could add other file extension support.

For example I would like to be able to support python files, .sh files.


Theres is a way to do it ?

Thanks a lot 

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We have published a new version of this plugin:

Development continues on GitHub and the P2 Repository is hosted on bintray.

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Currently works beautifully on Eclipse Mars 4.5.1. Great tool, highly recommend. Thank you Timo Klerx for the thread reference that has links to the original repository and a pre-compiled package.

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If you are looking for the eclipse copyright wizard and are too lazy to compile it yourself, have a look here:

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Looks like the url is no longer pointing at a valid update location.

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I can dowload the plugin, please help me

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i love this tools so

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I have the source how to debug thru the code to understand where i have to change and if I give SOP in certail lines where these SOP will be displayed?

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Great job, thank you. My only suggestion is exclude license file because wizard add header and it's unnecesary.

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I love the copyright wizard plugin for making it very easy to apply the copyrights to my open source projects.

The wizard is quite simple: it has several open source licenses preconfigured to choose from, you have just to put in your name in the preferences and the type of files you want to have license headers included within the wizard, and then the plugin does all the job for you!

Really great!

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Try changing a comment in a *.properties and *.xml file but dodn't make any change.

Try update a Java file but couldn't find the java files