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It support eclipse 3.2,3.3,3.4,3.5.
The following issues lists the features:<br>
<li>Database Modeling(Table,View,Procedure and other models are
supported,the ddl about table will be generated automatically) </li>
<li>Database Reverse Engineering(Table,View,Procedure will be
imported from the exist database) </li>
<li>Multi database platforms are supported,including the most
popular Oracle, DB2, MySql, MsSql, Sybase, PostgreSql and so on. </li>
<li>It also can generate test data for table which can bring
convenience to the developers. </li>
<li>ORM Support is a very import
feature,Hibernate3,OJB,IBatis,even OpenJPA are included. </li>
<li>Native Language Support,including
chinese(Simpled,traditional for TW and HK), english and japanese
(thanks the excellent translation from Judy.Chang) </li>
<li>The documents about the database model can be generated in
html formats. </li>
<li>Support template to generate mutli kind files.</li>

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