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Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 10:53
imacfarlane's picture

I was able to install using any of the three links suggested by Dietrich Streifert.  I use Aptana primarily because it provides the best (only?) way for me to transfer code to other environments.  However, if I try to publish, I get the following error:

An internal error occurred during: "Generating Synchronize Status".




vnenovf45's picture


I managed to install the plugin from following URL:

it was mentioned by level420 on github.



dstreifert's picture

But the editors do not work on eclipse oxygen!

dstreifert's picture

Trying to install aptana studion plugin fails, because the link given in the marketplace is unavailable ( studio-jenkins.appcelerator.org/job/studio3-feature-development/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/dist/ ).

I was able to install versions (stable, rc, nightly builds) from the following links:

  • preview.appcelerator.com/aptana/studio3/plugin/update/stable/
  • preview.appcelerator.com/aptana/studio3/plugin/update/rc/
  • preview.appcelerator.com/aptana/studio3/plugin/update/nightly/

But at least the editors fail with a stack trace, leaving eclipse editors in genaral unusable.

I've opened issues on github and appcelerator JIRA for this. Please feel free to kick in and comment:


  • github.com/aptana/studio3/issues/429
  • github.com/aptana/studio3/issues/430

appcelerator JIRA

  • jira.appcelerator.org/browse/APSTUD-8511
  • jira.appcelerator.org/browse/APSTUD-8512

(please add a http:// or a https:// in front of the paths above)

yisapov's picture

Cannot install - connection times out

gchad's picture

Hi guys!

the link in the market place doens't work anymore.

Aptana literrally is the only to ftp push files in production... without the big hassle of RSE complet syncing feature...

bgravaes's picture

Unable to connect to repository studio-jenkins.appcelerator.org/job/studio3-feature-development/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/dist/content.xml
Connection timed out: connect


dlabsaf4's picture

Aptana was purchased by Appcelerator quite some time ago.

Here is the reference page for installers and repositories:

For stable releases, try:




Or, for release candidates, try:




mrodent's picture

You're obviously trying to be helpful... but actually what is needed is: "you do this: 1, 2, 3."

Your addresses here don't begin with "http://" ... which prompts a complaint from Eclipse Help --> Install New Software

When I put http:// at the beginning I get "There are no categorized items".

I *go* to your actual site (for /install/stable)... NOTHING WORKS.

Please could you supply an idiot's guide to installing the Aptana plugin (or "Appcelerator plugin" if the Aptana one no longer exists).  NB because few people will have heard of Appcelerator and many of Aptana it would be very helpful indeed if Appcelerator could put details about how to use the equivalent to Aptanan prominently on their website



rmoenchmeyer's picture

I have the same problem as the last reviewer, which commented 4 weeks ago. What is wrong with the Jenkins repository ?

oorman's picture

Since yesterday I receive the following error message while trying to install the application (I checked if I could install another application, and I did not receive any error), is there any way to get rid of it ?
Unable to connect to repository
Connection timed out: connect

rrehandg4's picture

All my editors were blank, without any title, just the close icon and everything else behaved very weird.

Spring Tool Suite

Version: 3.8.3.RELEASE
Build Id: 201612191351
Platform: Eclipse Neon.2 (4.6.2)

aramirezmem's picture

The install goes ok, but when selecting the editor to open js files, it only shows a blank page.

bosso's picture

I tried with Eclipse Mars R2 (4.5.2) and removed Aptana because I see too many problems. In my opinion isn't stable yet.

pverest's picture

Hooray! Finally Aptana is on marketplace and sources are breaken into reasonable parts.