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Julien Wollscheid's picture

Hello Angelo.

Thank you for the feature, it's really handy. Just one thing, I've been looking over internet a lot for an outline support for Angular JS, with no success :(.

Would it be complicated to add this feature ? I mean allowing the outline to display the functions defined on the $scope variable.

Thank you very much.

Angelo ZERR's picture

Hi Julien,

Perhaps we could do that with Tern Outline

Please create an issue at with a sample that you wish to have (code sample + outline sample). Thanks

Regard's Angelo

Andreas Wittmann's picture

It's so frustrating. I have tried to follow many different installation blogs, but ended up always with AngularJS not doing data binding in Eclipse. Instead, the "{{ model }}" string is diplayed. At the same time the Chrome browser does binding with the same code and displays correctly the value of the model. Interestingly, there are always comments from developers reporting the same binding problem. But nobody cares.

Angelo ZERR's picture

If you have a problme, please create an issue at with your sample which doesn't work.