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Friday, February 23, 2018 - 13:03
mpscheidt's picture

Gradle scripts apparently use special characters to e.g. position the cursor. This spoils the output of Gradle scripts in the TM Terminal.

For example:

gradlew compileJava

> Configure project :
configuring root project 'oxlims' with shared config from oxconf.gradle
  0;32;1;0;39;1m-------------> 0% EXECUTING [58s]fig from oxwebconf.gradle
> :compileJava> :compileJava


moberhuber's picture

Hi Markus, your output looks like escape characters are swallowed by something outside the Terminal. Is this on Windows? - I suggest you file a bugzilla with details for discusson. See also with some ideas on analyzing the issue. Thanks!

mmisingname6wh's picture

A White screen when I open it.  Oomph reinstall it when I remove it ...

pverest's picture

That is OS issue similar to
and it should gone with OS update

moberhuber's picture

Please report a bug [] for further discussion. Let us know your config there (exact version of Eclipse and host OS). Ideally attach the output from Help > About > Installation Details > Configuration.

gvalencia0vq's picture

Updated to High Sierra and now the prompt or anything I type does not show. Only the result of commands. ANSI escape sequences are also not showing up since I have the plugin to support coloring them.

moberhuber's picture

Thanks Gabriel, the issue is fixed by updating the CDT Native Utilities to Oxygen.1 :

syangu6v's picture

I use neon3 for embedded development,and i always use serial connect with my board.So i need to download terminator and install,after i installed termintor ,i still couldn't connect with my board,as :i search ,someone said still need install rxtx,and after i install rxtx, i still could not see COM* ???what's wrong maybe??

gaggarwalvb7's picture


I am using TM Terminal to run a Terminal inside Eclipse. I use it to launch afl-fuzzer inside Eclipse. Somehow character encoding in the Terminal in Eclipse is different from when I run the process in Linux terminal itself outside Eclipse.

I am not able to add screenshots here, so I created a stack overflow post about this issue 

Please suggest how to fix character encoding in Terminal inside Eclipse.



moberhuber's picture

Thanks for your report! - This is discussed on now.

sjohnsonoyx's picture

It appears the serial terminal REQUIRES CR/LF sequences to do a newline.

'\n' Linefeed which is the typical newline for C based systems (Unix and embedded targets) just does a strict linefeed, not a newline.  Is there a way to make the serial terminal respect the behaviour of the target and interpret the line ending sequence according to its requirements?  Ideally one would be able to choose for a session what Newline sequence is being employed by a target.


sbhami's picture

Hi, I am trying to use zsh as my terminal on mac. that works. Now when I come to eclipse TM terminal, the zsh configuration is not as it is on zsh. Now I do not know how to reset it back to regular default configuration. Anyone has an idea for using the beautiful zsh color themes in Eclipse TM terminal.
This is how i set it up for my mac using wesbos cobalt2 theme available on github . I was hoping this will come to TM Terminal. But not. In terminal there is a preference to use /bin/bash or /bin/zsh. Can I also somehow bring this colorful zsh into TM terminal ?
Thank you

fortbild's picture

as answered below - add --login to arguments in settings

joewuca's picture

I found a little bit delay of showing the letters when typing in the terminal result in overlapped letters. I love this plugin, please help! I am using Neon1 and Mac.

moberhuber's picture

If you are on a Macbook with Retina screen perhaps this is your problem: it's fixed in Neon.2 so you might want to try updating. If your problem is different, please report with more details (maybe screenshot attached) on Eclipse Bugzilla.

tzhaoy5i's picture

Hi all, I'm running Scala IDE within Eclipse. I installed a plugin "sbteclipse" through OSX Terminal so that I can manage Scala libraries. When I use command like "$ sbt run " in OSX Terminal, it works fine, but when I use this command in Eclipse Terminal, it tells me "Command not found". How should I solve this problem? Do I need to re-install all the plugins again within TM Terminal?


moberhuber's picture

Most likely, paths from /etc/paths are missing in the environment of the shell that you launch. To get them, go to Eclipse > Preferences, Terminal > Local Terminal and specify "/bin/bash" as program with "--login" as arguments. See also here:

joewuca's picture

When typing in the TM terminal, there is a little bit delay for showing the letter result in overlapped letters. I am using Neon1 and Mac, I love this plugin and please help!

mbielinski's picture

Cool and useful plugin!

Anyway i have a question about it. Is there a way to open a TM terminal with environment variables set and command executed (for example running a debug-server)? Is there a way to run this kind of a 'running configuration'? I am trying to add a button for this but I don't where to start searching for the solution.


brockefeller's picture

From Martin:

"To get what you want, use Preferences > Terminal > Local Terminal , and specify "Arguments" as --login"

Is that what you need?

glovatouhj's picture

On Mac OS X the terminal is missing `PATH`s, which are listed in `/etc/paths`. An option to open a login shell would be useful to workaround this, since running `bash -l` works.

moberhuber's picture

To get what you want, use Preferences > Terminal > Local Terminal , and specify "Arguments" as --login

Arguably on Mac OSX, this could perhaps be the default... on Linux I'm not so sure since users may launch Eclipse from an environment already preset with the PATH they desire.

mpscheidt's picture

The plugin is useful and makes life easier. Thanks!

When restarting Eclipse, the current directory is lost. Any chance that open terminal windows could remember the current directory when closing Eclipse and "cd" to the same directory upon restart?

moberhuber's picture

I'm afraid it is non-trivial listening to an arbitrary remote system to determine what the current directory actually is. Keep in mind that there could be symbolic links, relative paths, or actually a different program running on the remote that doesn't behave like a shell at all.
That said, we would be open to contributions along these lines, please create a bugzilla enhancement request if you're interested.

rhermenau's picture

I switched from netbeans to eclipse because of a serious netbeans bug and this was the missing link which keeps me from switching back!

Btw. the link to the support page is 404

Don't be afraid, i don't need support for it;)

Thanks for this really handy tool.

moberhuber's picture

Thans for the kind words, I've fixed the support link :)

amussa's picture

Thanks for this great plugin.
I successfully installed on Eclipse Neon.
But I down know how to configure it to add "/usr/local/bin/" to $PATH
How can I do it?

Thank you.

moberhuber's picture

Hi Akil, you should set your PATH before launching Eclipse. If you have a use-case where that is not sufficient, please file an enhancement request on bugzilla.

abhisheksinha04's picture

In my server view, I have some custom remote servers. I want to add same Terminal feature to it through context menu. Can you please share the core API through which if I provide host,username,password,directory then the API opens the Terminal View for given details.


moberhuber's picture

What you want to do sounds similar to the Terminal's menu extension for RSE. See the code here:

dbeney's picture

Hope this isn't a stupid question. I'm using this plugin inside of Nodeclipse/Enide Studio.

The basic commands work in your terminal plugin (cd, ls, etc), but why can't I run commands such as "node app.js" or anything like that?

pverest's picture

You should have it all. Maybe you just need to close and open Eclipse after you installed Node.js
Better place to ask questions is

pstenerambibby's picture


I've been using the TM Terminal for a while now, and I've been very pleased with it.

Now however, for some reason, I can no longer open new terminal windows. I can see the Terminal View, but when I click on "Open a Terminal" and select "Local Terminal" and Encoding: "UTF-8", and then click on OK... nothing happens. The Terminal View remains gray.

This used to work. I've tried reinstalling it, but no luck. Any help would be appreciated!


moberhuber's picture

Hi Paul, please file a Bugzilla defect for discussion:

What is your host OS (Windows 10? Any updates done recently?)

oenzer's picture

Thank you very much for your effort in implementing this great terminal.

Regarding the "auto connecting previous sessions" feature - is it possible to disable it? I would like all sessions to close as soon as I terminate eclipse.

Thank you!

moberhuber's picture

Turning off auto-reconnect isn't possible today, but shouldn't be hard to add. Would you mind filing a Bugzilla Enhancement Request as a start ?

hheorhw's picture

Hi~ Martin!
Thanks for your effort for this great Terminal in Eclipse.

One thing I want is the feature of changing background color for Terminal.

moberhuber's picture

As a workaround, you can echo escape sequences on the remote - for details (or contributions) see here:

moberhuber's picture

Thanks Harry :) You can invert the Terminal colors in Preferences > Terminal to get a black background. That's also set automatically with Dark Theme. Setting "any" background color would not quite feel right to me, since the remote side really requests colors through ANSI codes ... on the other hand, the request has come a couple times, so we'd appreciate a contribution along these lines.

rliotta's picture

Hello. I was wondering if you can start a terminal from a run configuration and pass arguments to make a connection?

moberhuber's picture

Hi Robert, we don't have an integration of Terminal with the Launch Configuration / External Tool Launches as of today. The older RSE Terminal did have that a couple years ago, so maybe some code could be re-used; contributions would be welcome, ideally by first filing an enhancement request on bugzilla to discuss the details :)

slutson's picture

Is there any way to access the Eclipse enviroment variables (such us: LOC_WORKSPACE) trough a shell/local terminal?

moberhuber's picture

Yes, environment variables ECLIPSE_HOME and ECLIPSE_WORKSPACE are set for you automatically in the "Local Terminal".

Other variables are not exposed by default, but I think that writing code to expose them should not be too hard if you search the existing source code for the string ECLIPSE_WORKSPACE.

slutson's picture

Is there anyway to acces the Eclipse Variables (such us LOC_WORKSPACE, ...) trough the shell/local terminal opened by Eclipse??

nmayrjg7's picture

I have a fresh install of eclipse mars sr1 and the terminal plugin does not work out of the box, because of the following error:

Does anyone know why this error occurs?

moberhuber's picture

This issue, as well as a workaround, is now tracked on
It currently looks like due to using eclipse-installer, an old version of cdt.core was picked up from the user's bundlePool. The issue will not happen when downloading a full EPP package, or when installing the terminal from the Marketplace.

nbeddoe's picture

Your plug in was the final missing piece from my Eclipse set up. You've turned it into the perfect C++ development environment. I can run custom apps and debuggers from within Eclipse now. Thanks.

jdanielutk's picture

Martin - Great work here. Really liking this plugin.

Quick question: Is there a way that I can configure the plugin to stretch the width of the terminal screen to match the Eclipse View width? Right now, the terminal allows me to type commands on the first 80 characters and then it wraps (to the front of the same line... ugh). Ideally, what I am looking for is a setting that will allow the terminal to use all of the columns displayed available by the width of the enclosing Eclipse View panel ...~200 characters or more. Is this possible? Thanks for the info. Cheers!

moberhuber's picture

Hi John, auto-resizing to width of the Eclipse view works fine for me on Linux and Windows local, as well as SSH.
What is your host OS, and what is your terminal connector ? - I suggest filing a bug for what you see. On Linux, typing "resize" in the Terminal may print interesting information.

jdanielutk's picture


Thanks for the response.

Per your request, I have submitted bug #476709

Let me know if you have questions.