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Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 06:31
mmisingnamec2f's picture

Eclipse Platform

Version: 3.8.1
Build id: debbuild

64-bit KDE Neon with Eclipse from the distro repos.

Followed the instructions to add the plug-in from the Web site. It says it is enabled, but when I goto Window->Preferences->General->Appearance and expand it, there is nothing showing for color theme plug-in. Just

Colors and Fonts

Label Decorations

Does this plug-in not supprt 3.8.1 on 64-bit Linux or is the menu option hidden under something else?

psoi's picture

It doesn't show preview when i click any Color Theme

fgomeslka's picture

You can make it work. Install the plugin in Eclipse using Marketplace (Help -> Eclipse Market place -> search Color Theme and click on the install of the select item of the results.

Now, download these xml files from my google drive ( h t t p s :// (dot) com/folderview?id=0B-AMLyxKCEq-YjVPeFpkT1AtYXM&usp=sharing ). On Eclipse go to Windows -> Preference -> Appearance -> Color Theme. In the bottom of the screen click on the ""IMPORT THEME"" and navigate to the files downloaded. Once you do that, select any of the imported themes and it will work.

I also shared many of those XML files with my name and the original XML theme name.


ml6sr's picture

Excellent idea but the project site is down since years, last release is from 2014, has open issues a plenty...

osantamaria's picture

I really like the plug in but it has not been available for a while. When is it going to be available again?

mchernyaev's picture

Your plug-in is awesome, I love it. Unfortunately it does not support Oscript - programming language of Opentext Content Server IDE Plug-In for Eclipse.

Please it add, It would be so great!

ebeeblebrox's picture

Eclipse color theme plugin settings are not saved in last few milestones versions of eclipse (Luna, Mars RC.. ), including latest official Mars. Where is actually problem? In Eclipse or plugin?

plinzhi's picture

The color theme trun to the default theme every time after restarted of eclipse. It make me crazy.
Eclipse version is :
Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.

Version: Mars Release (4.5.0)
Build id: 20150621-1200

narayananmp's picture

Installation was so easy, did it by dragging. Went to Window→Preferences→General→Appereance->Color Theme and selected a new theme. On apply or restart, the editor screen blips and comes back to the same theme I have. Any idea how can I get it working ?

Version Info:
Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.

Version: Kepler Service Release 2
Build id: 20140224-0627

narayananmp's picture

I got it working after uninstalling Aptena from Eclipse.

Narayanan Ma

jpaul8af's picture

I was really missing this feature in my eclipse installation. Thanks a lot for this plugin, it works like a charm.


lseregi's picture

Thanks, it saves my eyes.

mjoystick's picture

always a same error ...
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Eclipse Color Theme (
To: com.github.eclipsecolortheme []

I think it's a great plug-in but I can not try it

cpang8bv's picture

I really like this app. It makes it easier to see my code. Favorite is a dark theme, which is RecognEyes. As previous reviewer mentioned, you need to tweak the colors a bit in the Window->Preferences->General->Editor->TextEditors->Annotations -> Write Occurences / Occurences -> Change to Text from Highlighted to Box, or simply change the color to Bright Blue.

rday3om's picture

I really appreciate that this helps reduce the strain on my eyes. However, I do wish that it would apply a theme to Eclipse as a whole instead of just the editor windows.


mmisingnamemxg's picture

I started by a theme offered in the website, but had to change few things to make it right for C (dark theme).
Among few things needed to change the tooltip, Annotation (Make it box instead of highlight) , and inactive highlight color. Then I wanted to publish it in the website, but realized they do not get tweaked.

mfloyd's picture

While I appreciate the work and benefit Color Theme represents, I just looked into adding into Eclipse 3.8. It requires 100 MB additional bloat. Really? Thanks, but I'll pass.

abergstrm's picture

When i installed this plugin, changing tabs gets slower, about 2 seconds to load tab. Really irritating...

ngaulia's picture

it's noothing to do with this plugin, if you are running Juno SR1 please install performance patch

this plugin is osm

alazurkevych's picture

The plugin allows to change color scheme only in editor window.
The rest still hurt my eyes (Navigator, Package Explorer, consoles etc)
Pretty disappointing.

amubarak's picture

i installed successfully, and i could change my juno themes and pretty good for my eyes if i coding in dark place

mmisingnamehh6's picture

Now when I double click on a string in python source code
eclipse juno osx fails to select string as highlighted