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Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 08:02
hcaballero's picture

Nice plugin to keep learning Eclipse shortcuts. After installing it in Eclipse 4.7.2, though, doing any action (like moving the cursor around or trying to type) was retarded by 2-5 seconds so it became very difficult to do any work. Uninstalling it solved the slowness problem so I guess plugin was the cause of it.

bbesson5sq's picture

Does not work for me. Exception stack when clicking on any menu with eclipse 4.2.1

rwloch's picture

as the MouseFeed Plugin 1.0.0 had some serious bugs and the original author did not respond to my mails I forked the Plug-in.
There are two versions available now: 1.1.1 works with Eclipse up to 3.7 and version 2.0.0 which was adoped to e4 workbench model and is running with Eclipse 4.2 M6 and future versions.

For update site and further info please read

If anyone can help me replace the updatesite here in the Marketplace, your welcome to do so! The original MouseFeed Plug-in has not been further developed since 2008 and with the author not responding I consider it dead. Hence my fork to keep this cool Plug-in alive.


golimpio's picture

Since this plugin became very popular recently, it would be great if you guys could share the fixes you did or create another public repository for it (github, google code, sourceforge, ...).

There is one annoying bug that made me stop using this plugin (an exception for actions that have no label):
(there is already a patch for it on the source forge bug tracker)



rwloch's picture

Well, as I wasn't aware that the marketplace's Mousefeed Plug-in was different from the original one so I forked it in February 2012 and fixed the action-without-label bug and added new features.

Just last week I released 2.0.0 which will work with Eclipse 4.2 M6 and future releases.

Check my blog for more details and update site:

pfaescce's picture


Mousefeed now has a new public home at
We welcome issue reports and (of course) patches!

pfaescce's picture

Hi Roberto,
Thanks for asking. I will start planning for opening up our Mousefeed source control and issue tracking. I'll keep you posted.