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Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 20:49
aanand8ax's picture

Even in 2016 (5+ years since the latest release), everything works as expected. Even the latex-specific features are comparable, if not better, than what the other dedicated latex editors provide. Plus you already get the Eclipse features. I don't get why dedicated latex editors reinvent the whole wheel instead of just implementing the latex-specific features for an extensible editor like Eclipse.

imisingnamet2v's picture

This takes the worlds most powerful editor (Sorry emacs) and applies it to the worlds most powerful typesetting tool.

It has Latex autocompletion and spell checking!

It also reads your .bib files and autocompletes your \cite{ statements!

It integrates fully with source code revision tools such as CVS, SVN, and GIT! You can follow history and compare to old versions! Even establish branches for your submission, revision, and camera ready submissions!

Take science to the next level and start using TeClipse today!

cthulani's picture

I have been using LaTex for 6 months and I found this plugin to make it more easy to use. I like the use of templates with TeXlipse 1.5.0 it is first time that I use this plugin. At first I was in panic that I will not get it installed successfully but the steps provided by the guide made it easy to get it working in Eclipse. I will recommend this to people using LaTex and who are already having Eclipse running just install texlive and all is done. Still exploring it and reading the documentation to get full advantage of its power.

bstader's picture

I use TeXlipse on different eclipse installations on windows and linux. No problems so far. One of the best TeX editor!

At the moment using version 1.5.0 and looking forward to Pdf4Eclipse integration.

rodon's picture

I've been using TeXlipse to write things for the past two years and I can say this is the perfect choice for those who already knows the Eclipse tools and need an Latex environment. I've downloaded a clean basic Eclipse with no extensions for any language, and then I just installed TeXlipse, making it a dedicated workspace to write my stuff. It runs very smooth. I have a Core 2 Duo with 2 GB RAM, running Ubuntu 10. Everything works fine! The autocomplete of refs and citations are the core of "why-using-this", productivity goes insane! The code-templates just transformed me into a latex dumb (thank god), and I really don't need to keep in my mind all those lines to write tables and images anymore. And the most exciting part: the auto-preview in PDF files everything I save the document. Errors highlights in line sides helps to fix the problems faster. The same way, the spell checker integrated to the editor is a plus, since all I do is write things not worrying about spelling, then all I need is to access the keyboard shortcut to spell checker, thus the words get yellow underlined, and the plugin suggests words when I hit ctrl+space inside a misspelled word. I found pretty interesting that comments like "%TODO: something" puts something in the Eclipse tasklist, what motivates the usage of this list, and of course improves the way you manage the writing activity. I just have nothing to complain... You guys should prepare a clean Eclipse distro with the plugin already installed, like I did, and put it in the download section of your site so that people could use this awesome tool without the plugin installation issues that Eclipse users face all the time.

mmisingnamews3's picture

I have been using Eclipse for Java and find Texlipse works great with Eclipse. With a spell checker and just general syntax fixes, it made learning Tex alot easier. Thanks for the great plugin!

aribeirod0i's picture

If it just worked with MikTeX 2.9 ... it'd be awesome!

tjankedps's picture

I use TeXlipse for quite some time now and it becomes better and better. Coding and documenting without being forced to leave your favourite ide is just great. What I like the most in the new version is the realtime spell checking. This is far better than the former aspell integration.

Thanks again,

mmisingnamecgi's picture

Very nice plugin.

With reaching version 1.4 very complete. I have not yet found a better cross platform latex environment! It easily competes with the windows only LeD.

My favorite features:

  • Automatic spelling check with suggestions
  • Complete outline of complex multi-file latex documents
  • Hovering over a \cite{refence} provides a short summary of the reference. Same in the drop down list when tab-completing
  • Todo task lists
  • Overview of all latex warnings and errors
  • And of course syntax highlighting, completion of latex environments, preview generation etc.