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If you are using Eclipse Scout and you want to create Word or Excel documents from your Scout application, you might want to use the Docx4j library....
Last Updated on 26 June 2013 by BSI Business Systems Integration AG
This feature provides the ECF Remote Services Target Components. This is the set of bundles (API, examples, and providers), that allow OSGi frameworks to expose and access...
Last Updated on 11 March 2014 by Wim Jongman
The ECF Remote Services Solution enables OSGi Services to be remoted and consumed in another OSGi container....
Last Updated on 22 September 2011 by Wim Jongman
The Application Model Editor provides enhanced support for defining and refining Eclipse 4 model definition files (usually with an extension of .e4xmi). One particularly nifty...
Last Updated on 4 July 2013 by Brian de Alwis
ECF is a framework for building distributed servers, applications, and tools. It provides a modular implementation of the OSGi Remote Services standard and implements the OSGi...
Last Updated on 10 March 2014 by Wim Jongman
Simple is as simple does. Freely get your Eclipse (any version), the plug-ins, and everything you need from the cloud. ...
Last Updated on 8 April 2014 by Jason O'Keefe
Supplemental Custom Widgets for SWT (and more)...
Last Updated on 19 September 2012 by Wim Jongman
Supplemental Custom Widgets for SWT (and more)...
Last Updated on 10 November 2013 by Wim Jongman
UOMo is a Java/OSGi framework adding Units of Measurement support to applications based on simple, but type-safe class models.
Last Updated on 29 May 2013 by Werner Keil
The EMF Client Platform is a framework for building EMF-based client applications. The goal is to provide a one-click application based on a given EMF model. No additional...
Last Updated on 13 March 2014 by Jonas Helming